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Comforts for the pet in your life

The “creature comforts” of life can be defined as material comforts that contribute to physical ease and well-being, such as good food and accommodations.When thinking of these things for our family and friends, contributing to their health and happiness, our furry friends can’t be forgotten. I have found myself sourcing many items for pets over the past few weeks and I should say that it can be very challenging and overwhelming at times. While there are many items now available online, you really need to know where to look if you are wanting items that are a little stylish and functional. Of course, budget also comes into play when sourcing items and making selections. There are some very spoiled four legged friends out there! (My pup Milo is no exception!) From miniature custom pet sofas, to Zen inspired feeding bowls... the sky is the limit with what you can find! Here are a few points that I noted while on my hunt for the purr-fect pet pieces...

Harry Barker Toile Dog Bed

Practicality- I was very impressed when I started looking for features on dog beds that would be versatile and accommodate many dog sizes. One of my hotel clients will be offering luxury beds for their four legged guests. For this application, a style was needed that was washable and durable. One dog bed option was from a Canadian company, Bowser Pet Products (available both at local pet stores and online). They have removable, washable covers, options of gel memory foam,outdoor durability, and many stylish fabrics and materials that are “chew proof”.The Casper Dog Bed also ranked quite high, as it could be classified as the Porsche of dog beds. Its designers primarily sell high-end human mattresses, but boast their engineering of these beds with "dog behavior in mind", with over 460 hours of laboratory testing to get it juuust right!

Design- Style is also a big concern for most consumers, as the pet products are often on display in our main rooms of the house. These pet items can actually be a fun way to add a little interest and flair to your space. We found

some very interesting pet bowls that are inset into various wood frames. Whether it is a rustic cottage weathered wood, or mid century modern walnut... you can find it all! While filming in Capital Iron recently, I was introduced to a pet product line designed by top fashion model Carol Perkins. Harry Barker offers product in stylish toile, tweed and stripe patterned fabrics to appeal to even the most top notch dog and owner! ED by Ellen DeGeneres is also a great product line for your furry friend.

Ellen DeGeneres ED Pet Line

If you just can’t find the right color/style of pet bed after doing a decent search, I would recommend that you consider a custom bed or cover from a local designer. (I would be more than happy to help!) We can help you chose a fabric that will be durable, and still match the look that you want to achieve for your decor.

Price- Affordability can become a real factor when you begin looking at the designer or custom options. If this isn’t an option for your furry love, I always recommend stores like Home Sense, HomeDepot, Costco or local pet stores, as you never know what you are going have in stock at a great price!

Harry Barker Dog Collar
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