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Space Planning for A New Furniture Purchase

Choosing the right furnishings for your space is such an important process. The scale, style, and function of the pieces are all significant factors that come into play during your selection. Whether working with a large budget to purchase lasting pieces, or updating your existing layout as you can, I always start in the same place with my clients and put a lot of thought into an initial planning process. Impulse buys should be saved for the accessories and small decor, as they are much easier and less costly to switch-up if you become tired of them, or realize they weren’t actually such a great idea in the first place!

Start the planning process by noting all of your overall wall dimensions in the room and lay them out on a room map. It is important to determine the scale and size of the pieces needed. For example, a smaller room typically means smaller scale furniture is needed, whereas miniature furniture in a grand scale room can look dwarfed and inadequate. Are you trying to capture the stunning views out your living room windows? It is important to not block or compete with this focal point of the room, which may warrant low, clean-lined furniture. By planning ahead you can avoid the disappointment of falling in love with an oversized sectional, only to discover a small apartment sofa and accent chair is what will reasonably fit into your small space.

How do you function in the space? Make a list of the people that will use the room on a daily basis, as well as the maximum number of people gathering at any given time on a special occasion like holiday entertaining. While you want your guests to be comfortable, the key piece should be the ones that will be used daily and be able to stand up to the everyday wear and tear. Are children and pets a factor in your furniture purchasing decision? Special attention will need to be given to finish selection if this is the case.

Finally, decide on the style that suites both you and your home. While there are no existing rules when pairing furniture, you should still take note of what you love and what you hate. Many of my clients know to steer away from purchasing all of the pieces in one collection (matching sofa, loveseat and chair.) There are so many options available today. This is an easy way to add a designer touch to your space, even on a budget!

As seen in my weekly column in Real Estate Victoria.

Amy McGeachy: McGeachy Media and Design

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