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Asbestos Removal and Testing in Your Home


Compiled and Worded By Megan McKeage, designer at McGeachy Media and Design

Special Thanks to Hazpro Environmental

Asbestos Removal in your home:

Asbestos is a name that we are all familiar with, especially here in Victoria

where most homes are older and probably contain asbestos. “WorkSafe BC

states that if a home is older than 1990 it could contain asbestos. Using the 2011

Census data, we calculated the number of homes within the CRD that are older

than 1990. This amount came to 75% meaning that 75% of homes within the

CRD could have asbestos containing materials”

Asbestos is a thin, fibrous, naturally occurring material that has been used

extensively in building materials due to its tensile strength, sound absorption,

resistance to fire, chemical and electrical damage, as well as it’s availability and


Prolonged inhalation to asbestos particles can cause Mesothelioma, an

incurable form of cancer that affects the respiratory system, and almost every

case is caused by exposure to asbestos. Additionally, exposure to asbestos can

cause Asbestosis, which is fibrosis of the lungs, causing decreased breathing

capacity, and makes breathing very difficult.

Planning on doing a renovation?

If your home is older than 1990, then there is a good chance that it may contain

asbestos in some shape or form. The likelihood of having asbestos in your

home increases if you have any of the following materials in your space -

“Drywall, Vinyl Tile, Lathe and plaster, Asbestos duct tape, Sheet vinyl flooring,

Fiber board Ceiling and wall texture coating, Pipe lagging, Roofing, Vermiculite

insulation, Boiler parging, Asbestos siding, Ceiling tiles, Stucco siding, and/or

Roof shingles”

Most asbestos removal companies will be able to test your home for the

presence of asbestos.

The Removal Process

During the removal process, the area that is being remediated will have to

be sealed off. The area is usually sealed off with polyethylene film and is outfitted

with a HEPA filter. The idea is to suck fresh air into to the area to ensure that the

asbestos is contained within the polyethylene barrier.

Throughout this time it is likely that the inhabitants of the home may need

to be relocated – based on where the remediation is taking place, and how much work

needs to be done.

“Hazpro Environmental is a locally owned Vancouver Island company

specializing in abatement, remediation and the safe removal of asbestos, mold,

and other hazardous materials from homes, commercial businesses, hospitals,

schools, and government buildings.”

Credit to Hazpro’s blog for the information – You can find Hazpro online at http://

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