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Why Hire an Interior Design Expert?

Bringing an Interior Design expert onto your team during a renovation will be the best decision you make. Whether it be for a one hour consultation with their team, or adding them directly to your speed dial as the number one go-to lifeline!... Designers can help you avoid all of those costly mistakes that affect your bottom line during a renovation!

Preperation is key when taking on a major design overhaul. With so many things to consider, it is a great idea to consult with someone who has endured the renovation pressure time and time again. Labour, materials, finances and timing are just a few things that need to be planned.

A designer can help you customize a budget, select your style and color scheme, create a floor plan and renderings, order flooring and finishes ahead of the deadline and assist in extinghuishing fires as they arise. (Make no mistake, they will arise no matter how well you plan. It is knowing how to deal with them and ensuring that they don't create further setbacks on the job.)

Designers often receive special industry pricing on many products. Depending on your fee structure and agreement, they may share this discount with you or apply it to your budget, helping with your bottom line.

The question is not really "why hire a designer", when you weigh the pros and cons, it may be more accurate to ask "why NOT hire a designer to help you out." Start with a one hour consultation for $115/hr and they will help you decide your scope of work and level of assistance needed.

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