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Barn Yard Table Project Inspiration

While searching the web, I stumbled upon this beautiful DIY barnyard table. We are needing to replace the top on ours. I don't love the table that we currently have, but it is the perfect size for our space. Due to the lack of counter space in our kitchen, the need for a counter height table vs. standard dining height is mandatory. It allows us to use the table as an island when we aren't dining at it. It is quite difficult to find a reclaimed counter height table. One option is custom, but doesn't fit into our budget at this time. My "better half" feels that we can do it ourselves... I think that we may be calling in the experts to fix our mess, but who knows!? I am trying to be the optimist, but reality is setting in. Stay tuned... I will let you know the outcome. Please comment if you can offer any suggestions and comments on the subject. -Amy

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